Healthcare / Institutional Projects

As medical facilities must adhere to strict guidelines in terms of compliance and design, we begin each healthcare project by first examining the scope of the space in terms of services, aesthetics, and technology. In doing so, we also take care to not just explore the current status of each of these areas, but to plan for and safeguard against future expansions in terms of space, usage, and equipment.
A doctor once told us that healthcare is equal parts science, art, and hard work—and we view healthcare design in much the same way.

Research Labs

Nurse Stations

Medical Office Building
Brookfield, CT

Biomedical Offices
Mt. Sinai, NYC

Clinical Research Unit
Mt. Sinai, NYC

Health Services IMI
Mt. Sinai, NYC

Dry Lab
Mt. Sinai, NYC

Mt. Sinai, NYC

Doctor’s Office
New Milford, CT