Research Laboratory Design Services

A▪D▪A’s scientific specialization includes the design of research facilities such as live animal vivariums, engineering labs, government health labs, forensic labs, and teaching facilities.

Our complement of design services is fully
customized for these types of facilities and
includes the following highly specialized
technological areas:

  • Animal Holding / Animal Procedure
  • Animal Cage Wash and Laboratory Glass Wash Facilities
  • Behavioral Shielding (e.g., sound, vibration isolation)
  • Procedural Shielding (e.g., MRI, NMR, radiology)
  • Biosafety Level 3 Barrier facilities
  • Controlled Environmental Room Design
    (cold, warm, humidity control)
  • Clean Rooms (ISO Class 6, 7, & 8 Room Design)
  • Trace Metals Analysis Laboratory Design